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Welcome to the Social Psychology in Education & the Environment (SPiEE) website—home of Hunter Gehlbach and his lab group. I am a Professor and Vice Dean at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education and the Director of Research at Panorama Education.  An educational psychologist by training and a social psychologist at heart, my interests integrate three main areas:

1)      The “social” element of social-emotional learning in middle & high school classrooms—developing interventions that enhance teachers’ and students’ social perspective taking capacities (or increase their perceptions of what they have in common) as a means to improving teacher-student relationships and sense of belonging.

2)      Questionnaire design—helping social scientists and educators design better surveys.

3)      Environmental education—leveraging social psychological theories to address issues of sustainability, conservation, and climate change especially for adolescents.

The interests of other members of the SPiEE lab group are typically biased towards one or more of these core areas of study.

City of Santa Barbara as shown at the chalk art festival